lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2015

PeachyMaiden & Javier Anibarro Z. - Stars (Soft Rock & Acoustic Version) (Original Composition)

Soft Rock Version:
Acoustic Version:

(If you use headphones I'm sure the experience will be better :) )
This piece is called "Stars" and is a collab with peachymaiden! and also the third composition we make together :D

We made this wanting it to be a soul cleaner song, the background story for this song is about loss, and we tried to make it possible to make a song that can help you through the healing process, that can make anyone who listens to it, to feel better about any situation they're dealing with, and know that even if things are hard, they can get better with time :)

This is the Soft Rock Version.
The voice, lyrics, drums and guitars, are all made by peachy! (Isnt she amazing?) and the piano is from me.

You can find peachy's Youtube channel in:

Thanks again peachy, for being such an awesome person and musician, It means so much! :)

Hope you all like it, see you!


(Si usas audifonos, te aseguro que la experiencia sera mejor :) )
Esta pieza se llama "Stars" (Estrellas) y es una colaboración con peachymaiden! y tambien nuestra tercera composicion que hacemos juntos :D

Hicimos esto queriendo que sea una cancion que pueda curar a quien la escuche, la historia de fondo de esta cancion, es sobre pérdida,  y tratamos de hacer posible que esta cancion pueda ayudar en el proceso de cura, que pueda hacer que cualquiera que la escuche, pueda sentirse mejor con la situacion que esta viviendo, y que sepan que aunque las cosas sean dificiles, pueden ir mejorando con el tiempo :)

Esta es la version Soft Rock.

La voz, letra, bateria y guitarras, fueron hechos por peachy! y el piano por mi.

Pueden encontrar el canal de peachy en:

Gracias peachy, por ser una gran persona y musico, significa mucho! :)

Espero que les guste, nos vemos!


Lyrics (Letra):

After the storm
The clouds won’t go away
The sun doesn’t shine
Like it did every day

After you’re gone
I get led astray
I don’t know what’s right
And have no place to stay

The arms that once held me so close, so dear
Are floating somewhere up in space, neither here nor there
I don’t know what you’re expecting me to do
But living seems kind of hopeless if it’s living without you

Where do I go?
I can’t see anything
How long ago
Was it that you were next to me?
Right to me.

I’m breathing now
The same as always
The sky starts to clear
The rays on my face

I can’t bring you back
It’s hard to accept
But where you are now
Must be worth it

The things that used to keep me up at night
Became twinkling stars next to you in the dark sky
I think I know now what I can do
I’ll try to move forward, with or without you

I’ll go where I want
In the palm of my hand
Is the world you left for me
With the memory of you, I can.
You’re to me.

So if you’re listening, wherever you are
I know I’ll join you one day, in becoming a star
But right now, don’t worry about me, please
I’ll be all right, I’ll be down here...dancing with your memory.

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