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PeachyMaiden & Javier Anibarro Z. - Red Light Syndrome (Original Composition)

(If you use headphones I'm sure the experience will be better :) )
This piece is called "Red Light Syndrome" and is a collab with peachymaiden! and also the fifth composition we make together :D

We made this wanting it to be a song about unrequited feelings.

This wonderful art in the video, is made by peachy. The animation, the drawings, the colors. Isn't she amazing?

Peachy made the vocals, lyrics and almost everything (guitars, drums, etc.) XD the part I made is the piano melody.

You can find peachy's Youtube channel in:


Thanks again peachy, for being such an awesome person and musician, It means so much! :)

Hope you all like it, see you!


(Si usas audifonos, te aseguro que la experiencia sera mejor :) )
Esta pieza se llama "Red light Syndrome" (Sindrome de Luz Roja) y es una colaboración con peachymaiden! y tambien nuestra quinta composicion que hacemos juntos :D

Hicimos esto queriendo que sea una cancion sobre sentimientos no correspondidos.

El increible arte visual esta realizado por peachy. La animacion, las imagenes, los colores, estan hechos por ella, no es increible?

Ella tambien hizo el canto, letra y casi todo (guitarras, bateria, etc.) XD la parte que yo hice fue la melodia en piano.

Pueden encontrar el canal de peachy en:


Gracias peachy, por ser una gran persona y musico, significa mucho! :)

Espero que les guste, nos vemos!


Lyrics (Letra):

Is it all right if I speak my mind?
Is it all right if I say I like being tied to someone?
Like a ship in the sky without an anchor,
Sailing…and sinking as the clouds flood in…
Well, at least I know where I’m heading

Well at least I…

Down, down, down, I’ll fall through the blue and into the ground, oh
Down, down, down, I’ll crash into you without a sound--

Feel your bones break under my fist
Didn’t think it’d come to--
Your blood and my love flowing from your tear ducts;
Your spine that was stubborn as nails
Cracks under the force of my feelings for you
You’ve never looked more beautiful than you do…
Right now.

Is it all right if I change my mind?
Is it all right if I use this action to dash and hide?
Like a bat out of hell, with endless passion,
Running…and laughing as I drown in sin
Well, at least I’m good for something…

Well at least I…

Down, down, down, I’ll sink in the dark as my demons come out, oh
Down, down, down, I’ll cry out to you, not making a sound—

Feel your throat close under my wrists
Never thought it’d come to--
Your breath and my lust become the chains that bind us;
Your voice that was smooth as silk
Trembles with the force of your feelings for me
In my eyes, I don’t think you’ve ever looked so lovely…

Feel your lips melt under my kiss
Heaven is the place where
Your touch is my god, worship you into stardust

…Your heart that was hidden from me,
Begs to be released from my fingertips, pumps out all your secrets

It’s always stop and go
Don’t wanna be alone
Touch me, take me home
Kiss me…why won’t you kiss me?
Do you miss me when I’m not by your side?

Is it all right if I clear my mind?
Is it all right if I don’t say any of this to you?
Like I’m hiding inside a suit of armor,
Every feeling, every thought of you, will rot in time…
Well, at least you wouldn’t be…mine
Well at least I…tried
Well at least I…can lie
Well at least, I…

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